After partial mobilization: Many Russian reservists are apparently already dead

After partial mobilization
Many Russian reservists are apparently already dead

Chronic diseases and lack of military experience do not protect Russians from deployment in Ukraine. With sometimes fatal consequences: According to the British secret service, many reservists who were drafted are already dead, the Kremlin is now worried – because of the protests of relatives.

According to the estimates of the British secret services, a large number of conscripted reservists perished after partial Russian mobilization in the Ukrainian war. Many of the conscripts will be sent on dangerous missions despite chronic health problems, Britain’s Ministry of Defense said at its daily briefing. There is constant confusion about their respective military experience, training and equipment.

Among other things, in the Donetsk region around the city of Bakhmut, mobilized reservists probably fell in large numbers, the British said. The same applies to soldiers who had to dig trench systems in the Luhansk region under heavy artillery fire. The Kremlin must be concerned that a growing number of reservists’ families are willing to protest the conditions in which their relatives serve and, if necessary, be arrested for doing so.

Putin meets soldiers’ mothers

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with mothers of soldiers fighting in Ukraine this Friday. According to the Office of the President in Moscow, mothers are the mothers of both professional soldiers and reservists. “On the eve of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Russia on the last Sunday of November, Vladimir Putin will meet with mothers of soldiers participating in a special military operation.”

This is how the Russian leadership describes the war it started on February 24 against Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Russian troops have been sent to fight in Ukraine – including some of the more than 300,000 reservists called up as part of the mobilization announced by Putin in September.

According to US estimates, tens of thousands of soldiers were wounded or killed on both sides. Ukraine does not disclose its losses. Russia last reported on September 21 that 5,937 Russian soldiers had been killed. This figure is well below most international estimates, with Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense putting the number of Russian soldiers killed at 86,150.

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