Alfons Schuhbeck has not yet paid his tax debts: The star chef is looking for an investor

Alfons Schuhbeck still hasn’t paid his tax debts – not even proportionately. Is he not as bright as he appeared in court?

A month after the verdict, the situation looks a little different: Schuhbeck has not yet paid even a euro of his tax debts, as Laurent Lafleur, a spokesman for the Munich Higher Regional Court, confirms to t-online: Since the court announced the verdict, “Efforts for compensation” as that’s what they say in legal German, they didn’t go through the court or the public prosecutor’s office.

Alfons Schuhbeck does not want to accept the verdict against him

According to the “tz” report, insiders are talking about “empty words” when the star chef admits his guilt. Because Schuhbeck only felt guilty when he saw no other way out. A former employee testified extensively against him on the first day of the trial.


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Schuhbeck is trying to find an investor to pay off the debts

Meanwhile, Schuhbeck’s lawyers tried, until shortly before the verdict was announced, to reach out to the investor, who actually promised to pay millions in compensation for Schuhbeck’s damages – a fact that could have had a positive effect on the sentencing. But the money did not arrive.

Schuhbeck sings with conviction at the premiere of his evening show

Schuhbeck is still trying to find an investor, reports “tz”. If he manages to settle his tax debt, he could get away with a lesser sentence in the event of a repeat offence, it is said. If it doesn’t work, the chef will likely continue to face the prison road. Efforts to find an investor “continue relentlessly,” tz quoted spokesman Schuhbeck as saying.

A week after his conviction at the end of October, Schuhbeck appeared in public at the premiere of his evening show at the “Teatro” and sang, among other things, “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Then he said, “I’m drinking two schnapsers. I haven’t been enjoying myself for the last two weeks.” The question is whether the coming year will be a hit for the celebrity chef.

Alfons Schuhbeck’s former restaurant “Orlando” is already in new hands. The restaurant has just officially reopened. It is now called “Ornella”. The spice and tea shop is still there. But the “S├╝dtiroler Stuben” – once a puppet of Alfons Schuhbeck – has to close at the end of the year. Schuhbeck is the only tenant in the building at Platzl 6-8. The property belongs to the Free State of Bavaria.

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