“All That Counts”: Intrigues fly high

+++ Warning, spoilers! +++

November 25: Leyla is caught in front of Anna

Although new to the team Anna Prinz (Lilly Joan Gutzeit) didn’t do anything to her, she’s pro Leyla (Suri Abbassi) the enemy par excellence. That’s why he uses Leyla every opportunity to damage your competitor. She took care of that, for example Annas mixed up the shampoo or intentionally misadvised her Isabella (Ania Niedieck) offered her a management contract. But now it flies Leyla finally on: He wants a figure skater in the locker room Annas he’s skating when he suddenly bursts in: “What are you doing with my skates?!”, she asks startled – and then Leyla blurts out: “I wanted to do something about it, but I didn’t, seriously! I didn’t want you to get hurt or fall. I just wanted to dull the blades. I didn’t want you to be able to go on the ice today”, she admits. He also finally reveals all the other intrigues. Shock for Anna: “Why are you like this? I didn’t do anything to you?” she asks in shock. “At least now you can tell Deniz and Mrs. Steinkamp everything,” Leyla continues – and Anna makes it clear:

They will fire you.

And she shouldn’t be completely wrong about this: is Leyla’s career sealed?

November 24: Chiara is back after months – and bitterly disappointed

It took a few weeks Chiara (Alexandra Fonsatti) says goodbye to the ice: Due to some hairline cracks, she was banned from training and even had to go to rehab – but that’s over now: Chiara he is finally fit again and is celebrating his return to the ice. For coaches Deniz (Igor Dolgachev) it is a big surprise that the skater is performing as well as if she had never been away. Despite her good performance Chiara but especially after a month’s break they get special support. Deniz he can’t do it himself because he has his hands full with the remaining runners. That’s why he intercedes Chiara enable a workshop with a skating light – but a little later a huge disappointment follows: Even if there is no budget, this is self-explanatory Just (Matthias Brüggenolte) willing to make the workshop possible, but not for Chiarabut for newbies Anna (Lilly Joan Gutzeit)! Big blow for figure skaters…

November 23: Finn leaves Essen emotionally

It’s been a sad certainty for a few weeks now: Christopher Kohn is leaving Dr Finn Albert “Everything that counts”. already turned on November 25 will be seen for the last time on RTL Daily – and thanks to RTL + you can already see how emotional the farewell of the popular serial doctor really is. So it will be Finn first from Imani (Féréba Koné) a Deniz (Igor Dolgachev) invited to what is supposed to be a basketball game, but in reality it is the first part of a farewell party, because they are already waiting outside Leyla (Suri Abbassi), Yannick (Dominik Flade) and Lucy (Julia Wiedemann) to toast with and with him. But that’s not all: A little later there will be a second farewell party in “7”. Nathalie (Amrei Hearth), Daniel (Berrit Arnold), Chiara (Alexandra Fonsatti), Just (Matthias Brüggenolte) and Isabella (Ania Niedieck) – and then it’s really emotional because at the end of the evening you want Nathalie she says goodbye to her best friend alone and has a special gift – her camper Choppy! Without further ado, Finn can’t hold back the tears anymore:I just hope you get back together someday.” he emphasized Nathalie sad. And the audience certainly shares this opinion…

November 22: AWZ fans are upset with Gabriel

Thiago Braga de Oliveira rose just a few weeks ago as Gabriel in “Everything that counts”, but many fans of RTL-Daily enough of his role. No wonder, because Gabriel ensures one thing above all: chaos! Not only has he bought the “Schranke” snack bar in a questionable way, but he is also infuriating those around him. This is why many viewers on the net are now on the barricades, as comments like: “This guy is annoying. What role does he play? He manipulates, cheats and annoys”, “Such an annoying guy”, “He can also disappear again, he is annoying and has no good intentions”, “This guy is really annoying …” or “Another pointless role that sucks” should be shown. This is far from the first time that viewers have been quick to condemn a new actor for his role. But at least he will change his mind just as quickly. We can only hope that the actor Thiago will not be swayed by the criticism.

November 21: New lead actor joins AWZ

And the carousel of actors in “Everything that counts” continues to spin: Already this week, November 25, fans have to say goodbye to series favorite Finn (Christopher Kohn), who emigrates to Italy in the role of a doctor who becomes . But Daily followers should play a new leadership role in the near future: Actor Marc Dumitru will play the role Kilian Reichenbach to be seen – and the last name alone makes it clear that the visitor is a family member Isabella (Ania Niedieck) and Nathalie (Amrei Haardt) acts. actually it is Kilian cousin of two women who would like to establish themselves as lawyers in Essen. Isabella and Nathalie they are initially very happy to see each other again, but the peace doesn’t seem to last long: a complicated hit-and-run case awaits rather quickly Kilian and according to RTL the whole thing turns out to be extreme “captious”. Viewers can see exactly what this means and whether a new drama is brewing on RTL from December 29 and in advance on RTL+.

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