Allegedly, 487 million phone numbers were leaked via WhatsApp

In mid-November, a hacker forum user reportedly put a 2022 database of phone numbers from 487 million WhatsApp users up for sale. The figures are believed to be from 84 countries. According to the leak, there are more than 6 million numbers from Germany.

The Cybernews website informs about it. According to their own statements, they were able to see some numbers and match them to WhatsApp users. According to them, the leak appears to contain real data. The seller assures them that all the numbers belong to active accounts. So far, Meta has not commented on the incident.

It is not yet clear where the database comes from. The seller only states that he got the turn due to “his strategy”. According to Cybernews, the content of the database could come from scraping, but that violates WhatsApp’s terms of use. Criminals use scraping tools to extract data from websites or services.

At 45 million, most of the numbers come from Egypt. Italy (35 million), the USA (32 million) and France (20 million) are also represented in the database by countless numbers.

Nothing is known yet about the price of the database. It is also not clear if it has already been sold. Attackers could misuse phone numbers for fraud and phishing attacks.



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The leaked numbers by country have been modified in the text.


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