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The previous high of the upward movement was reached on November 14 at EUR 65.83. As a result, the stock fell again and bounced back to support at €59.50 on November 17. Here, the stock bounced higher and has been trading sideways above the 10-EMA on the daily chart for several trading days, signaling further strength. Mercedes-Benz shares could be poised to rise again to an all-time high of €65.83 and surpass it after an uptrend. A long position is recommended.

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Business idea: Mercedes-Benz


Traders could speculate on another rally in Mercedes-Benz shares. There is a long opportunity for Mercedes-Benz stock with an Open End Turbo Call (HG6BD3) of HSBC. The price target is in the range of EUR 65.00, a stop can be placed at EUR 58.50.

Business idea: Mercedes-Benz
Basic Mercedes-Benz (ISIN: DE0007100000)
product type Open End Turbo Call
Publisher HSBC
ISIN/WKN Hebelproduct DE000HG6BD39 / HG6BD3
Duration Open end
Course K.-o.-Put (date) €0.92/€0.93 (25/11/2022, 11:55)
Basic variable price €53.43
knock-out threshold €53.43
Hebel 9.38
Distance to knockout 10.30%
Stop-Loss Put €0.51
goal setting €1.17 (+33.11%)

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