Cash register rush: Aldi must now respond

Cash register rush: Aldi must now respond

Symbolic image ¬© istockphoto/Photographer There is an increased rush at Aldi checkouts. Now the discounter has to react and is introducing new measures. With these rushes at checkouts, Aldi is reaching its limits. Now the discounter had to respond with new measures. That’s why Aldi responded One sometimes has the impression that there is competition … Read more

This is how Lidl cheated consumers

This is how Lidl cheated consumers

Almost 200,000 employees, almost 12,000 branches and an annual turnover of over 100 billion euros – Lidl is counted as the biggest discount store in the world. Lidl, as the most important brand in the Schwarz Group, which also includes Kaufland, should get rid of the “inactivity is wonderful” image. Instead, Lidl would like to … Read more

What tax bracket applies when pensioners work?

T-online answers questions about pensions with selected experts every week. Today: What tax bracket will apply if I continue to work as a pensioner? In principle, the wage tax classes only apply to the employee’s activities. They are relevant for payroll tax deduction. “This means that the wage tax class is irrelevant for pension payments … Read more

Semiconductor industry plunges from record earnings into recession

The semiconductor industry has probably never seen such a sharp swing from shortage to surplus. It has been known for decades that the supply and demand for many chips fluctuates rhythmically, i.e. they follow the so-called pig cycle. Periods of high turnover are always followed by strong contraction. But what the industry has been experiencing … Read more

Flagship startup Wingcopter: The world’s largest drone contract is uncertain

business Medicines by airmail end of vision? The world’s biggest contract for German drone pioneers is uncertain Status: 10:12 | Reading time: 4 minutes Delivery drone from Wingcopter Quelle: Winged helicopter Drone developer Wingcopter unveiled a billion-dollar order from Ghana in the spring. Now the deal is in danger of disappearing into thin air – … Read more

The record high can already be felt again – is it worth investing now?

Please how can this be? In mid-November, the German stock index was closer to its annual high than its annual low. And that in a year full of problems. Will everything be okay now? Since the end of September, the Dax has had one of the strongest rally phases in recent years and has grown … Read more

Coca-Cola and Edeka settle the dispute

DGermany’s largest food retailer Edeka and beverage giant Coca-Cola have settled their dispute that has been simmering for months. “We have reached an agreement with Edeka Zentralhandelsgesellschaft that adequately takes into account the interests of both parties,” a Coca-Cola spokeswoman said on Friday. Orders from Edeka would be taken again immediately and the first deliveries … Read more

Crossworx Lite290 – Thuringian trail racket

Bike manufacturer Crossworx has already made a name for itself on the scene since its founding in 2019. A few weeks ago, the Crossworx Lite290 trail bike was introduced, the second full in the history of the company, with which the Thuringians started their journey at Craft Bike Days. News via push? More information “ … Read more

Lufthansa slots leave competitors cold

FRANKFURT – Lufthansa is even with the federal government, but Lufthansa has yet to get rid of some EU conditions for the multibillion-dollar rescue package – in Frankfurt and Munich, Lufthansa is threatened with the withdrawal of 24 slots each. The cup has already passed through Lufthansa five times. Now the award window has closed … Read more