Intermittent claudication: symptoms and cause

Intermittent claudication: symptoms and cause

Out FITBOOK | November 26, 2022 at 5:55 p.m Do your feet hurt – over and over again? This can be caused by a circulatory disorder, also known as window sickness. It is better not to ignore the symptoms. Your feet hurt so much when you walk that you have to take frequent breaks, just … Read more

The weight loss trend with Ozempic threatens the care of diabetics

The weight loss trend with Ozempic threatens the care of diabetics

24 vita Health Created by: 26/11/2022, 12:00 p.m Out: Julian Gutman Partition Weight loss support: This should be possible with Ozempic, according to TikTok users. Pharmacists are now warning of the consequences for diabetes patients. From fashion, makeup to nutrition tips: not all TikTok trends are harmless. The diabetes drug Ozempic, with the active ingredient … Read more

Green beans improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels – medical practice

Why green beans should be on the table more often During Advent and Christmas, many people indulge in very special foods. However, many typical foods during this time are not necessarily healthy. Who on the green bean however, sadi doesn’t do anything wrong. These have, among other things, positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol … Read more

BtSY2 virus: researchers warn! A new killer corona-like virus has been discovered in bats

Scientists have discovered viruses in Chinese bats that can infect humans. Among them is a pathogen that is related to the coronavirus and could be highly pathogenic. Recently, scientists discovered that hungry bats can transmit more viruses. In general, mammals can even carry several of these pathogens and also transmit them to humans. This also … Read more

Scientists are looking for the causes of migraines using MRI

Wolfgang Kempkens, pte High-resolution MRI scans of the brains of migraine sufferers are making it easier for scientists to identify the causes of the mysterious disease. A New Claim to Fight Migraine Attacks? – November 25, 2022 Comparing brains: high-resolution MRIs reveal causes of migraines (Image:, Wilson Xu) Researchers from the University of Southern … Read more

The father of the family (47) dies after catching a cold – Lower Austria

Myocarditis claimed the life of a 47-year-old man from Klosterneuburg. A well-known roofer has not recovered from a cold. It was the end of summer 2022, when the well-known roofer and plumber Wolfgang Kojetinský (47), who was affectionately called “Bunk” by friends and acquaintances. However, the conscientious businessman from Klosterneuburg (Tulln district) continued to work, … Read more

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