Cathy Hummels confronts her ex-husband Mats: “Is that so?”

After learning about her son’s career aspirations, Cathy Hummels directly confronted her ex, Mats.Image: cathyhummels/instagram


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Meanwhile, Cathy Hummels has officially confirmed that she and Mats are no longer a couple – but they are still good friends. It is important to her that their son Ludwig continues to be in regular contact with both parents. The influencer also shares impressions of family activities on Instagram from time to time.

But now Cathy got what was a rather unpleasant surprise for her when Ludwig informed her of his career aspirations.

Son Ludwig shocked Cathy Hummels

In her Instagram story, the 34-year-old reveals that Ludwig told her how he made the career decision. A four-year-old boy wants to be a professional soccer player just like his father. Of course, there is nothing reprehensible about this at first, but Cathy is irritated by the thoughts of the little one.

Ludwig is of the opinion that as a professional footballer you can sleep until the afternoon, which apparently attracts him mainly to work.. At the moment, the influencer is bringing her ex Mats into the conversation, who should know. He asks directly into the camera:

Of course, it’s up to the parents to clarify things. Anyway, Cathy told her son that if he wanted to become a professional football player, he had to get good grades in school.

Cathy Hummels gives tips to the players

Speaking of football: Cathy, as the wife of a (former) player, can of course also have a say. Compared to “Bild”, he gives tips after the defeat of the German team against Japan in the World Cup. “You build a man by simply listening, encouraging and caring,” she says, referring to such situations. But he adds:

“Sometimes it’s good to say nothing after a defeat. I know that from experience. But if you don’t lose, you can’t win. Defeats are important for erasing mistakes and for growth.”

Mats is not part of the World Cup this year, surprisingly not nominated after a strong first half of the season with BVB. So he can at least participate in his club’s tour to Asia.

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