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Judge naked!

Dr Vivian Polania (34) was suspended for three months. The reason: a civil servant from Colombia was suddenly half-naked during an online court hearing. The international media informs about it.

What happened? The judge heard the bombing of an army facility via zoom. Suddenly the camera pans to Polania lying in bed, visibly disheveled. A bum in hand, dressed only in underwear.

On Instagram, the doctor of law shows herself in underwear

Photo: Tito: Vivian Polonia/Instagram

The video went viral in Colombia last week, and the judge became a talking point across the country overnight. The Ministry of Justice convened a commission of inquiry to investigate the case.

The verdict has 16 pages. There is talk of a “sorry state”, Vivian Polonia looks “dishevelled”. The eyes were sleepy, the tongue slurred. The commission suspended the 34-year-old man for a period of three months – unpaid mandatory leave until the end of February 2023.

Judge Dr.  Vivian Polania (34) was suspended

Judge Dr. Vivian Polania (34) was suspended

Photo: Tito: Vivian Polonia/Instagram

The panel concluded: Polonia’s conduct “is inconsistent with the care and respect with which a judge should administer justice. This shows a clear lack of respect on the part of the officer.”

The doctor of law commented on the criticism. In an interview with regional radio, she said that she was extremely overworked and therefore suffered from psychological problems. In addition, her clothes “got tangled in the chair”.

Another accusation from a Colombian woman: colleagues bully her and criticize her for being too sexy. Polonia is apparently referring to her Instagram account with over 360,000 followers. The fitness junkie inspires her fans with numerous photos of underwear, colors and skin, featuring skin and her 37 tattoos.

The official does not want to be banned from posting pictures. She already announced, “I’m tired of having to please others instead of being at peace with myself.”

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