Cozy Christmas in the Royals: It will be with King Charles III. different

Merry Christmas at the Royals
That will be with King Charles III. different

Like other families, the British royals have their Christmas traditions. Such as gathering for a banquet at Sandringham. Nothing will change after the queen’s death – otherwise Charles III. however, keep it a little more relaxed for the festival.

King Charles III made several major changes to the royal family’s Christmas plans. In a few weeks, the royals will gather at Sandringham in Norfolk for their annual Christmas party – a traditional event where fans can wave to them at Christmas Mass at St Mary Magdalene’s Church.

While the Royals always spend Christmas at Sandringham – with two Corona exceptions in the last two years – this year will obviously be different. Not just because it’s the first time without Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, and with King Charles as host, but also because he’s about to make some major changes.

Christmas should be “less formal”.

BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond to OK! she said Christmas with King Charles would be “less formal” and “less switched on” than in previous years. What exactly does that mean? In recent years, for example, members of the royal family have been expected to follow a strict protocol during holidays — including bowing and bowing. But Charles apparently wants to create a more relaxed atmosphere in 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II in her last Christmas speech in December 2021 – she died in September, this year her son Charles will do it differently.

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He also said that he decided that not everyone had to watch his speech. Traditionally, the family sat down at 15:00 (GMT) on December 25 to watch the televised speech. Instead, Charles pre-records his annual Christmas address to the nation. His family is said to be spending the day celebrating the Queen. “I’m sure he’ll record the speech a few days in advance to reflect on her loss,” Bond said.

So while some traditions will change, the royal family will take a walk around the Sandringham estate each year before returning home for Christmas lunch. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan who emigrated to the US are said to have been invited to family reunions, but are unlikely to return to Harry’s home country for the holidays.

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