Crazy threat: Putin’s chef sends a bloody hammer to Brussels politician

The European Parliament is labeling Russia a terrorist state — and one of Russia’s most powerful is sending a “gift” that seems to confirm it.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the brutal and infamous private army “Wagner”, boasts a video like a mafia movie on one of his propaganda channels on Telegram.

See: A man brings a violin case to the office, opens it on the table. Inside is a sledgehammer – engraved with the Wagner Group logo and the words “Blood – Honor – Homeland – Courage”. The handle is (apparently?) stained with blood.

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The scene, reported by the Belarusian opposition channel Nexta, is said to have taken place in Brussels. The man who delivered the hammer — and presumably the threatening note — is apparently a lawyer for Wagner’s group.

According to a Telegram channel close to Wagner, the sledgehammer is supposed to be “information” from Prigozhin to the European Parliament. mafia language…

What happened before that? Deputies voted overwhelmingly in favor Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

After the vote, there was a hacker attack on the website of the European Parliament. The first reaction from Russia?

The sledgehammer is considered a symbol of the Wagner mercenaries.

A few days ago he had a the video went viral, in which a soldier labeled a “traitor” who apparently defected to Ukraine, former Russian prisoner Yevgeny Nushin, was executed with such a hammer to the head. The video was called “Hammer of Revenge”.

Prigozhin made fun of it. The defector met “hostile but fair people,” he said. And further: It was a movie scene called “Dog Accepts Dog’s Death.” “I hope no animals were hurt during the filming,” he said cynically.

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