GNTM winner Alex Mariah Peter: “I gained 40 kilos”

GNTM winner Alex Mariah Peter: “I gained 40 kilos”

GNTM winner Alex Mariah Peter has gained 40 kilos since her win.

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Alex Mariah Peter was the first transgender model to win the “Germany’s Next Top Model” show. Today, she is successful as a model and influencer – and she manages the transformation of her body confidently.

She was the first transgender model to win “Germany’s Next Top Model” – and is now active as a model and influencer: Alex Mariah Peter. A lot has changed for the 25-year-old since her win in 2021. Not only is she out in public showing herself with the stars and starlets on the red carpet, her look has changed over time.

Not always completely independent, as the model repeatedly emphasizes on Instagram – sometimes cosmetic surgery had to help. Alex Mariah Peter recently underwent six pack surgery. According to the RTL report, the model drew attention to another change in singer Alicia Awa’s podcast: “I gained 40 kilos in a year,” she tells her partner, “It’s just a fact.”

Alex Mariah Peter about her body

He currently weighs 95 kilos, but he stresses that “it won’t stay that way either”. Still: The GNTM winner shows again with her podcast appearance that her honest and down-to-earth nature remains despite her modeling career. And she kept her sense of humor. The only thing that really bothers her about gaining weight is sweating. “I’m sweating on my back, my neck, my upper lip, my hairline!”

A few kilos more or less – Alex Mariah Peter’s career continues to gain momentum. It wasn’t until May 2022 that Alex Mariah Peter presented her first fashion collection with the fashion house Peak & Cloppenburg.

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