How is Germany doing? Scenarios, table, rules

Munich – DFB-Elf’s opening defeat against Japan brings back bad memories of the World Cup four years ago in Russia.

That was also when the DFB team lost their first match in their group against an outsider. Mexico was on top 1-0.

The end of the 2018 World Cup for Germany is well known. After a victory over Sweden and a defeat against South Korea, it was the final stop after the preliminary round for the German team for the first time at the World Cup.

Hansi Flick’s team faces a similar disaster this year as well. Yes, the probability is even slightly higher that he will not reach the round of 16.

Press conference with national team coach Hans Flick the day after the defeat on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. live on

World Cup 2022: Germany must play against Spain

Because with Spain on Sunday in the second match of the group (Sunday from 20:00 on the running live ticker), one of the big favorites for the World Cup title awaits. The Iberians showed it in their 7-0 win against Costa Rica.

Still, after the bankruptcy against Japan, anything is still possible, at least in theory. (Group E schedule and table)

ran explains what needs to happen on Sunday for the DFB team to continue to hope for the round of 16, in which case they would actually have no chance.

World Cup Group E: Where are Germany at the moment?

After match day 1 in Group E, Germany is third in the table with 1:2 goals and 0 points – behind Spain and Japan with 3 points each. This placement is not enough to advance, as only the top two teams in each group qualify for the round of 16.

World Cup 2022: when does the DFB team play on Sunday?

While the German team does not play Spain until 20:00, Japan already faces Costa Rica (11:00 in the running live ticker).

Good for the Germans: At least they know exactly what result they need tonight against Spain to stay in the round of 16.

World Cup 2022: Table Rules

For the question of promotion, it is very important whether, in the case of a tie between more than one team, the direct comparison or goal difference is ranked higher.

Unlike the European Championship, where head-to-head comparison counts in this case, World Cup tournaments ultimately depend on goal difference. Specifically, this means that if, for example, Japan has a three-point lead over Germany before the last match day, the DFB team still has a chance to catch up with the Japanese in the end thanks to a better goal difference.

This would no longer be possible according to the regulations of the European Championship, because in the event of equal points, the opening win of the Japanese against Germany would decide.

Germany can still hope for the round of 16…

… in the win against Spain.

In that case, a victory in the group would also be possible.

… in a draw against Spain.

In that case, Japan could be elusive for Germany with a previous win against Costa Rica. But the Spaniards would only be 3 points better than the DFB team. With the Spaniards winning the match against Costa Rica by a mile, the hope for Germany would only be theoretical. Because they would have to win against Costa Rica on the last day of play and at the same time they would need a clear victory for the Japanese against Spain.

However, if Japan had previously drawn against Costa Rica, it could have been really uncomfortable for the Germans. They would then be 3 points behind Spain and Japan going into the last game. Horror scenario: Spain and Japan end up “agreeing” to a draw and have 5 points each. Then the DFB team could score as many goals as they wanted. Only 3rd place would remain and thus the end. All gray theory, of course. But Germany could indeed make up for Gijon’s ignominy – 40 years after the unspeakable shot of the ball against Austria at the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

… in a loss to Spain, when Japan had previously also lost to Costa Rica.

In that case, Spain would be elusive. On the other hand, Japan and Costa Rica could still be caught with a lead of only 3 points. In other words, a win against Costa Rica in the last match and a Spain win over Japan at the same time would mean that Germany, Japan and Costa Rica are on 3 points each and the team with the best goal difference behind Spain will advance to the round. from the 16

Germany were knocked out early on Sunday…

… if they lose to Spain, unless Japan loses to Costa Rica first.

Spain would have six points after two games, Japan four. Both would then be impossible for Germany to catch on the last day of the game.

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