“Marriage at first sight” – Jana and Markus are apart!

Sad news from Markus and Jana! The two met at first sight at the wedding – and walked right down the aisle. In the final, the two made no secret of the fact that they sparkled: as soon as they entered the room, they kissed deeply. Opposite celebrity flash However, their co-stars Oliver and Michaela already said that there was a breakup after the show. It is said that with Markus and Jana: The two are no longer a couple!

“First I was sad, desperate, hurt, now I’m just disappointed and angry,” Markus complained in the post. Instagram. He was mainly annoyed by the pressure created by other candidates. “I find it sad that my wife wrote to another candidate about her current situation rather than discuss it with me.”, indicates separation from the wife. He also feels like a ghost from Jana.

According to the affidavit, it appears that Jana has been out for some time. “I just wanted to express my feelings somehow because I haven’t had a proper talk with Jana until today.”, Markus described his inner life. He made mistakes and apologized, adding: “But what I don’t apologize for is that I love Jana above all else and that I fight for her.”

Marriage at First Sight, Sat.1

“Marriage at First Sight” – Michaela and Oliver
Markus, “Marriage at First Sight” candidate 2022

Marriage at First Sight, Sat.1

“Marriage at first sight” – Markus and Jana

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