Jim Parsons settles scores with former “Big Bang Theory” co-stars.

Jim Parsons (49) won’t put up with it! Actor Sheldon did not renew his contract with The Big Bang Theory, which expired in 2019 – this was probably one of the reasons for the final end of the series. His colleagues Johnny Galecki (47) and Kaley Cuoco (36) were reportedly very upset by the unpredictable … Read more

Semiconductor industry plunges from record earnings into recession

The semiconductor industry has probably never seen such a sharp swing from shortage to surplus. It has been known for decades that the supply and demand for many chips fluctuates rhythmically, i.e. they follow the so-called pig cycle. Periods of high turnover are always followed by strong contraction. But what the industry has been experiencing … Read more

World Cup 2022: Tunisia – Australia 0:1! The Tunisian hits the nail on the head – out! | Sports

First a kick in the head, then bankruptcy! With Tunisia, former Freiburg professional Mohamed Dräger (26) lost to Australia 1:0. For the ex-Bundesliga player (20 games), it’s doubly bitter: Shortly before half-time, an opponent hits him in the face with a pincer and he has to go down for the break. also read Shortly before … Read more

Flagship startup Wingcopter: The world’s largest drone contract is uncertain

business Medicines by airmail end of vision? The world’s biggest contract for German drone pioneers is uncertain Status: 10:12 | Reading time: 4 minutes Delivery drone from Wingcopter Quelle: Winged helicopter Drone developer Wingcopter unveiled a billion-dollar order from Ghana in the spring. Now the deal is in danger of disappearing into thin air – … Read more

Religious leader is concerned: Khamenei warns Iranians against Western propaganda

The religious leader is concerned Khamenei warns Iranians against Western propaganda 26/11/2022, 14:46 In light of the ongoing protests in the country, Iran’s supreme religious leader Ali Khamenei is warning the population against Western propaganda. The enemy is trying to “take over the brain”, warns the 83-year-old. This is much more threatening than “dominion of … Read more

Rammstein-Keyboarder is committed to protecting the environment

Updated 11/26/2022 at 12:14 p.m Christian “Flake” Lorenz is the keyboardist of Rammstein. As part of the campaign, the musician advocated for environmental protection. Together with her daughter Mimi, she discusses the problem of plastic cups. More star and entertainment news Rammstein keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz is committed to protecting the environment. Together with his … Read more

Kane Kane set a World Cup protest mark of €570,000

Home page Sport Football Created by: 11/26/2022, 1:50 p.m Out: Antonio Jose Riether Partition England captain Harry Kane reacted to the ban of the tape “One Love” with a hidden and above all expensive signal. Doha – The England national team became the first team to take to the field after FIFA banned the ‘One … Read more

Green beans improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels – medical practice

Why green beans should be on the table more often During Advent and Christmas, many people indulge in very special foods. However, many typical foods during this time are not necessarily healthy. Who on the green bean however, sadi doesn’t do anything wrong. These have, among other things, positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol … Read more