RTL presenters bicker on Instagram

Lola Weippert has clearly qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. Image: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Weltstadthaus am Tauentzien


Jannik Sauer

“Temptation Island” host Lola Weippert addressed her Instagram followers with an emotional statement on Thursday. It was about the current dominant topic, the Men’s World Cup in Qatar – about which Lola has a clear opinion.

“To all those watching the World Cup,” the host began. She then goes on to explain that she believes everyone who tunes in to the games will “make a mark”. And wrong. Lola points out that homosexuals in Qatar face the death penalty. It also recalls misogynistic and homophobic statements made by tournament officials. “I hope you realize what you are supporting. Please don’t watch the World Cup, send a signal.”

Lola also calls the national team’s recent protest against the “One Love” bandage ban “very ridiculous”. The sanctions the German team faced for wearing armbands were nothing compared to the sanctions hounded by Iran internationals who refused to sing their country’s national anthem ahead of their match against England.

The post sparks a heated discussion

Lola received a lot of encouragement from her followers for the video. But the heated debate also flared up in the comments section – initiated by one of Lola’s TV colleagues, who accused her of “very unreflective populism”.

Sports presenter Jan Köppen was clearly placed under Lola’s video. “I think it’s all much more complicated than that and you and you are doing nothing to yourself and the subject other than getting a really round ovation,” he writes.

Anyone who, like Lola, argues with a “raised finger” must also reckon with whataboutism. For example, she could be accused of holidaying in the Maldives, even though human rights aren’t much better there.

Jan Köppen, moderator of the press conference for the virtual charity festival #lauter werden.  The festival will take place on 12 and 13 December 2020 and will be broadcast live.

TV presenter Jan Köppen criticizes Lola Weippert for her Qatar statement. Image: dpa / Daniel Reinhardt

However, Jan Köppen agrees with Lola on one point. “The DFB could and should have done many things differently and better.” Fifa is a “corrupt junk business” and the events surrounding the World Cup are “unbelievably pissed off and awful”.

Jan Köppen sees a dilemma at the World Cup

“Maybe it’s the best example of our world’s dilemma,” he says. “Football is essentially something great and beautiful, but it cannot be enjoyed more simply because it is associated with something so terrible. Like all the luxuries in the Western world that come at the expense of others.”

Lola Weippert did not initially comment on the comment.

Christian Pulisic is the big star of the national team, no other player on Team USA has an estimated market value of 38 million euros. The 24-year-old also leads the way on the pitch, having assisted Timothy Weah in the World Cup opener against Wales on Monday.

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