Schlager singer Beatrice Egli upsets fans with a new announcement

Beatrice Egli is repeatedly accused of neglecting her Swiss fans.Bild: / imago images / Future Image


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Beatrice Egli launched a new hit single with “Volles risk” and is very present on TV: on November 26, her “Beatrice Egli Show” will be broadcast on WDR with prominent guests such as Andrea Berg and Maite Kelly. There was even more positive news for fans this week because singer has announced a tour for 2023. However, there is a big drop…

Beatrice Egli causes frustration for fans

In the second half of 2023, Beatrice Egli will appear in eight German cities: the 34-year-old will stop in Munich, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Halle, Bochum, Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover. “I’m so happy to finally be able to celebrate lots of live music with you!” she gushed in an Instagram post.

In their community, (anticipatory) joy is partially obscured. The reason: The first tour dates included only German dates, but no trace of Austria and Switzerland. The relationship between Beatrice Egli and her Swiss fans is already strained.

They accuse her of regularly canceling concerts in her native country in favor of performances in Germany. The head of the Swiss fan club complained to “” this year: “I’m not getting any further information from her. In the summer it even sounded: “We are currently informing the fans that the club will be disbanded.”

Now Beatrice Egli is once again focusing on Germany on her next tour. “And we in Switzerland, as always, don’t get anything?” is a comment under your current Instagram post, for example. Another person is even more open and complains:

“Nice to see you impressively show us Swiss again that you don’t care about us.”

In addition, several fans from Austria have commented on this, who are also disappointed with the tour schedule. “Full risk… without Austria?” the follower asks.

Beatrice Egli postpones the meeting

By the way: On November 24, Beatrice Egli spoke in her Instagram story to announce, with a little delay, at least one meeting in Switzerland: on November 23, 2023, we are going to Lucerne. More information will follow.

With a little delay, Beatrice Egli announces a concert in Switzerland for 2023.

With a little delay, Beatrice Egli announces a concert in Switzerland for 2023.Image: beatrice_egli_official/instagram

It’s questionable whether that can placate fans, especially as it’s the only show in Switzerland – although a high-spirited Beatrice promises “new music” and a “new spectacular show” in the clip.

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