This is how the tech stock crash is tearing up our portfolio

This is how the tech stock crash is tearing up our portfolio

For years, the shares of Apple, Amazon and co. real price rockets, then came the crash. Losses are extreme. And they hit us all, because no shareholder can ignore the big tech stocks. I actually avoid individual stocks. Every now and then one ends up in my play money depot. For long-term asset accumulation and … Read more

Missing charger: Brazilian authorities confiscate iPhones

In a dispute over iPhone chargers, which Apple no longer supplies in Brazil, goods have now been seized for the first time. According to local media reports, the relevant consumer protection agency, the Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor (Procon-DF), is set to seize “hundreds of iPhones” from various stores in the state capital of Brasília. … Read more

Dax in the plus: Error of the markets

Dstock markets have a problem. They are subject to mood swings. And quite violent. From overjoyed joy to sorrow to death is often just a short distance. At the end of September, they still thought that the winter would be terribly cold. Gas will not be enough. Factories will close. Ludwigshafen with the dark BASF … Read more

Corona in China: Lockdowns reduce growth

Berlin, Beijing China is increasingly closing down due to the recent corona outbreak. European companies in the People’s Republic are sounding the alarm. The president of the EU Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Jörg Wuttke, spoke of a “catastrophic situation” on Friday. While the world is opening up and returning to “business as usual,” according … Read more