Study sees high chances of profit: German manufacturers have an advantage in the electric car boom

The study sees great chances of winning German manufacturers have an advantage in the electric car boom 29/11/2022, 4:10 The transition to e-mobility continues. With increasing electrification, German car manufacturers even have a market advantage over international competition, according to the study. So the chances of quickly adjusting production outweigh the risks. According to management … Read more

Shortly after the bankruptcy of FTX: Cryptobank BlockFi is also insolvent

Shortly after the bankruptcy of FTX Cryptobank BlockFi is also insolvent 28/11/2022, 21:28 After the spectacular collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, the American bank BlockFi, which specializes in virtual means of payment, has now declared bankruptcy. The FTX bankruptcy has already rocked the crypto world. After the collapse of the cryptocurrency platform FTX, the … Read more

An ineffective tool?: The Kremlin is no longer afraid of the oil price ceiling

An ineffective tool? The Kremlin is less concerned about the oil price ceiling 28/11/2022, 17:30 The West wants to cap the price of Russian oil. However, it is currently much lower than the planned upper limit. So it would have no meaning for the trade. A price cap on Russian oil planned by leading Western … Read more

Vegan debacle: Beyond Meat & Co.: hype followed by disillusionment

Vegan crash Beyond Meat & Co.: hype followed by disillusionment Von Jannik Languages 28/11/2022 15:44 Vegan alternatives to meat or cow’s milk are increasingly in demand in supermarkets. But on the stock market, manufacturers are past their best. The industry’s flagships are trading 90 percent below their all-time highs. Inflation and politics are to blame. … Read more

German competition for the company

German Lego competition There used to be a monopoly Analyze | Dusseldorf · The Lego company recently made a profit of a whopping 1.8 billion euros. But the toy is increasingly becoming a luxury item – and for the first time Lego is also getting competition. For example, from the young company Bluebrixx from Flörsheim … Read more

The bankruptcy of the star manufacturer Mercedes: the wave of bankruptcies in the automotive industry can no longer be stopped

Star maker Mercedes went bankrupt The wave of bankruptcies in the automotive industry can no longer be stopped By Helmut Becker 11/27/2022 1:07 p.m Semiconductor shortages, supply chain problems, rising wages and skyrocketing energy costs: The market environment for the German automotive industry is anything but rosy. Small suppliers are the worst affected. Politics is … Read more

Amazon Black Friday protest: Verdi and Greenpeace go to the barricades

Amazon Black Friday protest Verdi and Greenpeace are at the barricades 25/11/2022 14:23 Environmental and consumer advocates have criticized the US company Amazon for years. Just in time for “Black Friday,” Verdi and Greenpeace are calling for protests around the world: The “Make Amazon Pay” campaign criticizes the group’s “terrible, dangerous practices.” For the annual … Read more

30 talents from the German economy

Top 30 Managers These 30 personalities already hold leading positions in large German companies. But you can still climb the career ladder. Dusseldorf The lack of qualified workers reached the management level as well. Figures from the Personnel Market Index show: From January to September, a third more managerial positions were advertised than in the … Read more