Netflix Star Yeong-su Oh (“Squid Game”) Woman Allegedly Harassed | entertainment

++ If you haven’t seen “Squid Game”: This text contains spoilers for the resolution of the series ++ Yeong-su Oh (78) played Opi Il-nam Oh, whom he loved at first, in the Korean hit “Squid Game”. But a sympathizer of Netflix’s success turned out to be the mastermind behind the inhuman “squid game” (German translation … Read more

Three dead in a shooting at a Brazilian school

The killer was masked with a skull and crossbones and held a large-caliber weapon in his hand. Footage from security cameras shows the man who caused the bloodbath in Brazil on Friday morning (local time). According to media reports, the alleged perpetrator shot dead two teachers and a student and was caught after running away. … Read more

USA: teacher lets students (5) starve – eats his excrement | news

A bad case of school failure in the US state of Texas! There, the elementary school teacher and two assistants will soon have to answer in court. The raven trio is accused of abusing a five-year-old boy. A five-year-old child had to eat his own poop As reported by the American media, the scandal happened … Read more

Colombia: The judge suddenly half-naked during the hearing | news

Judge naked! Dr Vivian Polania (34) was suspended for three months. The reason: a civil servant from Colombia was suddenly half-naked during an online court hearing. The international media informs about it. What happened? The judge heard the bombing of an army facility via zoom. Suddenly the camera pans to Polania lying in bed, visibly … Read more

The priest had a three with two dominoes on the altar: God’s table was then burned | news

After this trinity, the priest lost his job – and the church altar had to be banned. Pearl River (USA) – Sex scandal at a place of worship in Louisiana! The Catholic priest at the time, Travis Clark (39), really wanted to film porn in his church – and brought two dominas into the chapel … Read more