USA: Ex-President Trump meets and argues with rapper Kanye West – Politics

Former US President Donald Trump dined with rapper Kanye West, known for his anti-Semitic speeches, and a right-wing extremist. Now he apologizes – and the two argue about how the evening went. Far-right nationalist Nick Fuentes is said to have attended a dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. He didn’t know Fuentes, Trump wrote … Read more

Anti-Semites at Mar-a-Lago: Trump talks about ‘meaningless’ dinner with Kanye West

Antisemite at Mar-a-Lago Trump calls dinner with Kanye West “non-eventful.” 26/11/2022, 3:15 am Awkward dinner guests prompt Donald Trump to explain: the former president denies knowing the right-wing extremist who sat at his table. And rapper Kanye West, to his credit, made no anti-Semitic remarks during the meal. In return, they claim that there was … Read more

Donald Trump to become vice president: Kanye West wants to run for the US president

Donald Trump is set to become vice president Kanye West wants to run for US president 25/11/2022, 20:47 Kayne West won just under 70,000 votes in the last US presidential election. That doesn’t seem to stop the rapper from trying again. He’s been hinting at a run for 2024 on Twitter. Kanye also has clear … Read more