From insolvency to burnout: Matthias Reim will not be defeated

From bankruptcy to burnout Matthias Reim can’t be beat 26/11/2022, 7:09 Matthias Reim achieves what many musicians would wish for: a song for eternity that no one will soon forget. But “Damn, I love you” does not protect the singer from low blows in life. Still, he doesn’t want to argue on his 65th birthday. … Read more

Vip Vip, Hooray!: “Student of Class 3”

Gottschalk rants about horny journalists, Kate Merlan lets the rumors cook, and a photographer unpacks things about Laura Müller. Vip Vip Hooray! The current celebrity rating is here and with it a wish: Almklaus, you have to fight for your love! Leacomio! It’s been especially high on celebrities this week! And this has nothing to … Read more

Donald Trump to become vice president: Kanye West wants to run for the US president

Donald Trump is set to become vice president Kanye West wants to run for US president 25/11/2022, 20:47 Kayne West won just under 70,000 votes in the last US presidential election. That doesn’t seem to stop the rapper from trying again. He’s been hinting at a run for 2024 on Twitter. Kanye also has clear … Read more

‘Wonderfully Chosen’: Painter Meets King Charles in Yellow Crocs

“Wonderfully selected” Painter meets King Charles in yellow Crocs 25/11/2022, 18:45 As an artist, it’s well known that you can sometimes deviate from the line. David Hockney takes it to meet Charles III. also out quickly. But the British king gallantly overlooks the painter’s misfortune with the shoe. At a dinner for members of the … Read more

Cozy Christmas in the Royals: It will be with King Charles III. different

Merry Christmas at the Royals That will be with King Charles III. different 25/11/2022 12:29 Like other families, the British royals have their Christmas traditions. Such as gathering for a banquet at Sandringham. Nothing will change after the queen’s death – otherwise Charles III. however, keep it a little more relaxed for the festival. King … Read more