Is the escape winter threatening now?

Is the escape winter threatening now?

There are warnings of a “historic winter of displacement” and that Russia could conjure up even more displacement. how likely is that? Overview. The most important thing at first glance Queues in front of employment offices, arrival centers at main stations, full accommodation: these are the images that characterized the spring of 2022, when hundreds … Read more

BMW is building a battery factory in Hungary

BMW increases investment in its new electric vehicle production plant in Hungary. The automaker announced on Friday that approximately another billion euros will be invested in Debrecen by 2025. For the planned all-electric cars of the so-called “New Classes”, BMW is building a high-voltage battery factory that will employ an additional 500 people. According to … Read more

He suddenly has a tailwind from the EU

Italy’s government breaks European laws, angers France – and still celebrates success in the EU. How could it have happened. It’s a big promise that Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, has made to her people: she wants to stop illegal migration. During the election campaign, she railed against the migration policy of the EU, … Read more

Putin’s mercenary boss sends the EU a sledgehammer – which counters

The head of the brutal Wagner group sent a bloody bead to the EU with a provocative action – the Estonian foreign minister promptly countered. The head of the Russian mercenary group “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin is said to have had a bloody sledgehammer sent to the European Parliament. Several media reported on it and shared … Read more