Fortifications in Kherson: Experts see weak points in Moscow’s network of positions

Fortifications in Kherson Experts see weaknesses in Moscow’s network of positions 28/11/2022, 09:35 Russian soldiers have been digging in the Kherson region for weeks. But according to the ISW think tank, field fortifications have a number of shortcomings. In early October, the Russian armed forces began building defensive positions on the eastern bank of the … Read more

Ukraine-News ++ Kremlin accuses European Parliament of hatred towards Russia ++

ANDIn response to the condemnation of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, the Kremlin accused the European Parliament of “unbridled Russophobia and hatred of Russia”. There is a “huge lack of professionalism” in the European Parliament, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Russian state television on Sunday, according to the Itar-Tass agency. MPs are … Read more

Is the escape winter threatening now?

There are warnings of a “historic winter of displacement” and that Russia could conjure up even more displacement. how likely is that? Overview. The most important thing at first glance Queues in front of employment offices, arrival centers at main stations, full accommodation: these are the images that characterized the spring of 2022, when hundreds … Read more

Ukraine: Selensky criticizes the work of mayor Klitschko

abroad Ukrainian war Selenskyj criticizes the work of mayor Klitschko Status: 4:00 p.m | Reading time: 2 minutes Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko – “Only a third still have heating” Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues unabated despite the cold. Still, the mayor of Kyiv is hopeful: “I believe in Ukraine as a modern, democratic, … Read more

Ukraine-News ++ British Secret Service – Russia also uses missiles without warheads ++

RAccording to British intelligence estimates, ssland is using obsolete launchers in Ukraine that are actually intended for nuclear warheads. Debris from the type of missile believed to have been shot down can be seen in publicly available footage from the 1980s, which was developed as a nuclear launch vehicle, according to a report from Britain’s … Read more

At least 15 dead, 35 injured: Putin sends a hail of bombs on liberated Kherson

At least 15 dead, 35 injured Putin sends a hail of bombs on liberated Kherson 26/11/2022 7:03 After the Russians withdrew from Kherson in southern Ukraine, further suffering began for the civilians who remained there: at least 15 people died in the bombing of residential buildings and several hospitals were evacuated. And prolonged blackouts are … Read more

War: What depends on the success of Ukraine in the winter war

Baet, up Zeouteuu upel Zeel-Benlpekteup – ulete Paaleppuleu Onppleu teplpletteu, pepp elu Vlulelhllea lu peu elplaeu Velleu Gplenluoep lu pel Geleplluoke eupeu heu. Velt ple kelpeke Vlllelnua Zeupek nup Zelellet euulOeu Peteplnuaeu enppelel. “Ble teluptleke VOvetl pepenlel, pepp pep Vpeltepeu pep elaeueu 6elolp nup pel Ilnooeu eulpekelpeupel lpl etp lehllpekep 6eule”, Oelul elve 6euelet Ueknl … Read more