Gun Crime in Russia: How Ukraine’s War Strikes Back

In Russia, there are significantly more crimes involving firearms and warheads than in the previous year. This is said to have something to do with the war in Ukraine. According to the Russian Interior Ministry, gun crime in Russia has increased enormously over the past ten months. This is written by military expert Chris Owen … Read more

Moscow rejects Washington’s disarmament talks

GPlanned disarmament talks between Moscow and Washington on strategic nuclear weapons were postponed at short notice. “Russia has unilaterally postponed the meeting and said it will propose new dates,” the US Embassy in Moscow said Monday, according to the Kommersant newspaper. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow confirmed the postponement of the planned consultations. … Read more

Is Moscow flying in military material from China?

According to the report, Russian cargo planes regularly fly between Zhengzhou and Moscow. At the same time, the transponders could be switched off. Alleged data on the flights of Russian cargo planes supports speculation about the supply of Chinese military equipment to Moscow. As the Ukrainian platform “Defense Express” reports, the Antonov An-124 transport aircraft … Read more

Ukraine-News ++ Kremlin accuses European Parliament of hatred towards Russia ++

ANDIn response to the condemnation of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, the Kremlin accused the European Parliament of “unbridled Russophobia and hatred of Russia”. There is a “huge lack of professionalism” in the European Parliament, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Russian state television on Sunday, according to the Itar-Tass agency. MPs are … Read more

Ukraine-News ++ British Secret Service – Russia also uses missiles without warheads ++

RAccording to British intelligence estimates, ssland is using obsolete launchers in Ukraine that are actually intended for nuclear warheads. Debris from the type of missile believed to have been shot down can be seen in publicly available footage from the 1980s, which was developed as a nuclear launch vehicle, according to a report from Britain’s … Read more

Putin’s mercenary boss sends the EU a sledgehammer – which counters

The head of the brutal Wagner group sent a bloody bead to the EU with a provocative action – the Estonian foreign minister promptly countered. The head of the Russian mercenary group “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin is said to have had a bloody sledgehammer sent to the European Parliament. Several media reported on it and shared … Read more

Google’s competitor in Russia wants to split up

The Internet giant is struggling to balance its Western and domestic activities. Shares of Yandex, listed in Moscow, are falling significantly. Russian Internet giant and Google competitor Yandex is looking to split up with an eye on the business balance between its home market and Western operations. The Netherlands-based parent company said on Friday it … Read more

Angela Merkel: “When it comes to power politics, you are finished. For Putin, only power is valid”

abroad Angela Merkel “The feeling was very clear: In terms of power politics, you are finished. For Putin, only power is valid” Status: 08:51 | Reading time: 2 minutes “It was the exact opposite, Putin played with Merkel” Angela Merkel defended her government’s energy policy. “The way you evaluate yourself is weak,” says geopolitics expert … Read more