Ukraine: Selensky criticizes the work of mayor Klitschko

Ukraine: Selensky criticizes the work of mayor Klitschko

abroad Ukrainian war Selenskyj criticizes the work of mayor Klitschko Status: 4:00 p.m | Reading time: 2 minutes Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko – “Only a third still have heating” Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues unabated despite the cold. Still, the mayor of Kyiv is hopeful: “I believe in Ukraine as a modern, democratic, … Read more

Nobel laureate for human rights in Russia: “Now we are outlaws” | policy

When it became known that the Nobel Peace Prize would be awarded to the Russian human rights organization Memorial, the Kremlin congratulated it in its own way. The court expropriated the organization’s building. The monument was previously declared dissolved. Before the Nobel Prize was awarded on December 10, BILD spoke with the head of the … Read more

“I’m in the army to kill Russians”

Fight, cook, command: 40,000 Ukrainian women are also fighting in the war against Russia. what drives you A woman who calls herself “Lagherta”, like the beautiful warrior from the Netflix series Vikings, demonstrates how her working tool works. It turns the 73mm barrel vertically, up to 15 degrees, that’s all it can do. “At this … Read more

Ratings remain disappointing for ARD and ZDF

In terms of television ratings, the World Cup in Qatar is not doing well. The start of the German national team was a flop and it wasn’t any better on Friday either. The controversial World Cup in Qatar runs for six days. The opening match between the hosts and Ecuador attracted little interest. The 6.21 … Read more

Previously removed nuclear warheads: London: Russians fire weapons without ammunition

The nuclear warheads were previously removed London: Russians shoot guns without ammunition 26/11/2022 11:27 Putin’s army is losing more and more territory on the ground, and large-scale attacks are now expected to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure. However, according to the British secret service, there is now a lack of sufficient long-range missiles – and therefore nuclear-powered … Read more

At least 15 dead, 35 injured: Putin sends a hail of bombs on liberated Kherson

At least 15 dead, 35 injured Putin sends a hail of bombs on liberated Kherson 26/11/2022 7:03 After the Russians withdrew from Kherson in southern Ukraine, further suffering began for the civilians who remained there: at least 15 people died in the bombing of residential buildings and several hospitals were evacuated. And prolonged blackouts are … Read more

Putin’s mercenary boss sends the EU a sledgehammer – which counters

The head of the brutal Wagner group sent a bloody bead to the EU with a provocative action – the Estonian foreign minister promptly countered. The head of the Russian mercenary group “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin is said to have had a bloody sledgehammer sent to the European Parliament. Several media reported on it and shared … Read more

After Russian missile attack: Ukraine demands weapons with range to Russia

abroad After a rocket launch Ukraine wants weapons to go to Russia Status: 10:42 p.m | Reading time: 3 minutes By Gregor Schwing Voluntär Außenpolitik / Axel-Springer-Academy of Journalism and Technology “There are fears of a larger wave of missile attacks” Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian energy resources mainly affected civilians. In many parts of … Read more

Google’s competitor in Russia wants to split up

The Internet giant is struggling to balance its Western and domestic activities. Shares of Yandex, listed in Moscow, are falling significantly. Russian Internet giant and Google competitor Yandex is looking to split up with an eye on the business balance between its home market and Western operations. The Netherlands-based parent company said on Friday it … Read more

War: What depends on the success of Ukraine in the winter war

Baet, up Zeouteuu upel Zeel-Benlpekteup – ulete Paaleppuleu Onppleu teplpletteu, pepp elu Vlulelhllea lu peu elplaeu Velleu Gplenluoep lu pel Geleplluoke eupeu heu. Velt ple kelpeke Vlllelnua Zeupek nup Zelellet euulOeu Peteplnuaeu enppelel. “Ble teluptleke VOvetl pepenlel, pepp pep Vpeltepeu pep elaeueu 6elolp nup pel Ilnooeu eulpekelpeupel lpl etp lehllpekep 6eule”, Oelul elve 6euelet Ueknl … Read more