The record high can already be felt again – is it worth investing now?

Please how can this be? In mid-November, the German stock index was closer to its annual high than its annual low. And that in a year full of problems. Will everything be okay now? Since the end of September, the Dax has had one of the strongest rally phases in recent years and has grown … Read more

“I’m in the army to kill Russians”

Fight, cook, command: 40,000 Ukrainian women are also fighting in the war against Russia. what drives you A woman who calls herself “Lagherta”, like the beautiful warrior from the Netflix series Vikings, demonstrates how her working tool works. It turns the 73mm barrel vertically, up to 15 degrees, that’s all it can do. “At this … Read more

Berlin’s cult snack bar demolished after 35 years – that’s what the new tenant is planning

After 35 years, the Currywurst stand on the Olympic Bridge is no more. However, a new tenant would like to reopen it in the new year. what is he planning Currywurst with homemade sauce, Berliner Schnauze behind the grill: For many, the “Olympische Brücke” snack bar is a cult. It is one of the few … Read more

Who needs a fourth vaccination before Christmas?

Christmas is being celebrated for the third time as part of the coronavirus pandemic. Will everything finally return to normal in 2022 or who still needs protection? Corona numbers continue to fall, it seems that the spread of the virus has been controlled and the seventh wave has broken. One thing is clear: the basic … Read more

Battles for Bachmut: “They come at us like zombies”

Russia’s Wagner group has been trying to attack Bakhmut in the Donetsk region for months. It seems that the attackers no longer care about their lives. In the case of Bakhmut, the madness of Russia’s attack on Ukraine is particularly evident. The Russians, led by the mercenary group Wagner, have been trying in vain for … Read more