Religious leader is concerned: Khamenei warns Iranians against Western propaganda

The religious leader is concerned Khamenei warns Iranians against Western propaganda 26/11/2022, 14:46 In light of the ongoing protests in the country, Iran’s supreme religious leader Ali Khamenei is warning the population against Western propaganda. The enemy is trying to “take over the brain”, warns the 83-year-old. This is much more threatening than “dominion of … Read more

Ratings remain disappointing for ARD and ZDF

In terms of television ratings, the World Cup in Qatar is not doing well. The start of the German national team was a flop and it wasn’t any better on Friday either. The controversial World Cup in Qatar runs for six days. The opening match between the hosts and Ecuador attracted little interest. The 6.21 … Read more

USA: Ex-President Trump meets and argues with rapper Kanye West – Politics

Former US President Donald Trump dined with rapper Kanye West, known for his anti-Semitic speeches, and a right-wing extremist. Now he apologizes – and the two argue about how the evening went. Far-right nationalist Nick Fuentes is said to have attended a dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. He didn’t know Fuentes, Trump wrote … Read more

Charles M. Schulz would be 100: ‘Peanuts’ creator empowers kids

Even as a child, Charles M. Schulz knew only one goal: his own comic book. The petitioner, who was born 100 years ago, achieved this. Even long after his death, the “peanuts” in which Schulz immortalized himself live on. Charles M. Schulz met several people named Charles Brown in his youth. He borrowed the name … Read more

USA: teacher lets students (5) starve – eats his excrement | news

A bad case of school failure in the US state of Texas! There, the elementary school teacher and two assistants will soon have to answer in court. The raven trio is accused of abusing a five-year-old boy. A five-year-old child had to eat his own poop As reported by the American media, the scandal happened … Read more

Donald Trump to become vice president: Kanye West wants to run for the US president

Donald Trump is set to become vice president Kanye West wants to run for US president 25/11/2022, 20:47 Kayne West won just under 70,000 votes in the last US presidential election. That doesn’t seem to stop the rapper from trying again. He’s been hinting at a run for 2024 on Twitter. Kanye also has clear … Read more

Study: How a neuroparasite infection turns wolves into alpha animals

The parasite makes the leader of the pack The infection gives the wolves a career boost 25/11/2022 11:53 In a wolf pack, infection with the parasite determines who is more likely to become pack leader. Gray wolves who have had toxoplasmosis are more likely to become alphas, a US study shows. Toxoplasmosis-infected gray wolves become … Read more