“The farmer is looking for a wife” – Jan Hendrik: “Outrageous”

Viewers Settle With Michael – ‘Truly Outrageous’

Since very few fans of “Bauer sucht Frau” expected this tragic love, they long hoped for a comeback between the two – in vain: in the finale, it was gradually revealed what really led to the breakup, and both made it clear that there would be no going back.

While Michael has had to endure a lot of criticism online for his decision, Jan Hendrik can still look forward to a lot of encouragement: “I thought it was a shame the way he treated you. And then that comment when we met again. Really outrageous. You’re a great person. Too bad I wasn’t your farmer,” “I don’t understand why he let you go ” or I am very sorry You didn’t deserve to be dumped like this. You are a really great person. It’s what’s inside that counts. Your heart is on the right side” for example, there are only three comments in the network.

And Jan Hendrik? He answered without further ado meaningful words in the comment:

In life there is always a reason why something happened the way it did. You will find out later.

A cryptic statement that leaves much room for speculation. But in the end, Jan Hendrik said it clearly: “I’m feeling really good right now. And after all, that’s the main thing…

You can watch the last season of “Bauer sucht Frau” again at any time on RTL +.

Used sources: Instagram, RTL

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