The priest had a three with two dominoes on the altar: God’s table was then burned | news

After this trinity, the priest lost his job – and the church altar had to be banned.

Pearl River (USA) – Sex scandal at a place of worship in Louisiana!

The Catholic priest at the time, Travis Clark (39), really wanted to film porn in his church – and brought two dominas into the chapel late at night. He set up several cameras, professionally lit the divine table and began his sexual games with both women.

But the townsman saw the light in the church windows, peered in – and looked at the half-naked priest who was making out on the altar with two women in corsets and high-heeled shoes.

In this church, a former priest had sex with two women


He then called the police. The police stopped the wild goings-on and secured the cameras and piles of erotic paraphernalia.

Police found that everything that happened that night was consensual. A horny clergyman and his two scantily clad cronies were arrested for obscenity.

Two professional dominatrixes, Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng, pleaded guilty in July to felony institutional vandalism and received two-year suspended sentences. On the eve of the incident, Dixon boasted on social media that she was “now desecrating a place of worship”.

The “desecrated altar” was burned after Clark’s “demonic behavior,” according to the archbishop of New Orleans. Clark, who was ordained a priest in 2013, was relieved of his ministry shortly after his arrest. He paid the church $8,000 in restitution.

In court, the would-be porn priest has now been given a three-year suspended prison sentence and had to pay a $1,000 fine, as they The Times-Picayune reports.

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