The TV picture suddenly breaks – viewers with a dubious assumption

Homam Ahmed of Qatar (right) is at the ball in front of Youssouf Sabaly of Senegal. Image: AP / Petr Jošek

WC 2022

Lukáš Grybowski

In the second match of the World Cup, the hosts Qatar wanted to show that they are better than in the opening match against Ecuador. The team was disappointed with the 2-0 defeat.

Therefore, coach Felix Sanchez announced: “We want to show our best game, reach our best level. Then we have the result of this game in our hands,” said the Spaniard ahead of the landmark game against African champions Senegal: “We dream and we are ready.”

And African champions Senegal also botched their 0-2 start against the Netherlands and wanted to make amends. “We learned a lot from this defeat,” national team coach Aliou Cisse said before the match.

But exactly with kick-off, football fans didn’t see anything at first.

World Cup 2022: The commentator takes the situation with humor

At least if they wanted to watch the game on Magenta TV, Telekom’s payment service. Because after the whistle of Spaniard Matéa Lahoz, Magenta spectators heard a loud gong.

Then only the test image was seen and no sound was heard. The audience did not hear anything about the game for almost two minutes.

Then suddenly there was the picture again and commentator Markus Höhner answered. “Well, I was gone for a minute, but now the boy is back, the commentator’s presence at the match is guaranteed.”, the veteran reporter took the situation in stride. However, he did not give a specific reason.

WM: Viewers have a strange assumption about the failure of the image

While one Twitter user only posted a photo of the screen with the words “Hm”, another had a completely different assumption.

“Is that the Russians?” asked one, emoticoning numerous emoticons behind his tweet and crying with laughter.

A Scandinavian user saw an interference image quite close to the “dreaded rainbow”, because until the end of the match the rainbow symbol of the LGBTIQ+ community was banned from stadiums and only now has it been released.

World Cup 2022: Praise and criticism for ARD, ZDF and Magenta TV

During the first seven days of the tournament, fans had mixed feelings about the ARD, ZDF and Magenta TV broadcasts.

Public broadcasting has been criticized for being too political and not focusing on sports. So far, the biggest criticism of Telekom’s pay TV offer is that you have to pay for it.

Nevertheless, there are positive responses so far. It is therefore a great pleasure to have a number of moderators, experts and commentators at this tournament.

“Boycott Qatar” – Apparently many football fans have really taken this call to heart. Already on the second day of play, it became clear that the matches of this year’s World Cup attract significantly fewer spectators than the matches of previous World Cups. Even the Germany game attracted significantly fewer people than in the past.

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