Up to 48% discount – e.g. AT-TE Walker (75337) for 89.90 euros

Not to be missed in the colorful rush of LEGO Black Friday deals is Hessian electronics mail order company Alternate, where you’ve often been able to snag LEGO sets at great prices in the recent past. Even today there are again high discounts, which include e.g LEGO Star Wars 75337 AT-TE Walker for €89.90 (36% discount) or LEGO Ideas 21333 Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night for €124.90 (27% discount) two of the vertices can be.

As part of the “Black November” event on Alternate All orders containing a promotional product are shipped for free. The quotes below are final prices.Alternate usually ships very quickly and uses DHL. While there used to be complaints about the quality of the transport in our comments, these have decreased significantly recently – so apparently Alternate has learned something new here!

Below we list all the Alternate Black Friday deals including a price comparison. However, please note that comparison prices can change at any time, especially on Black Friday. If the set goes off the market this year, meaning it’s on our discontinued model list, we have this with an addendum EOL highlighted – might be worth hitting here.

LEGO Architecture offers

LEGO City offers

LEGO Creator Expert menu / Icons


LEGO Friends offer

LEGO Harry Potter Event

  • LEGO Harry Potter 75969 Hogwarts Castle Astronomy Tower for €56.90 (43% off)
    (recommended price: 99.99 euros, RRP: 59.99 euros)
  • LEGO Harry Potter 76402 Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office for €51.90 (42% off)
    (recommended price: 89.99 euros, RRP: 54.99 euros)
  • LEGO Harry Potter 76403 Ministry of Magic for €57.90 (42% discount)
    (recommended price: 99.99 euros, RRP: 59.99 euros)
  • LEGO Harry Potter 76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing for €29.99 (40% off)
    (recommended price: 49.99 euros, RRP: 29.99 euros)

LEGO Ideas offer

LEGO Marvel offers

  • LEGO Marvel 76217 Baby Groot for €29.99 (40% off)
    (recommended price: 49.99 euros, RRP: 35.44 euros)
  • LEGO Marvel 76216 Iron Man’s Workshop for €54.90 (39% discount)
    (recommended price: 89.99 euros, RRP: 54.90 euros)
  • LEGO Marvel 76218 Doctor Strange Holy of Holies for 159.90 Euros (36% discount)
    (RRP: €249.99, RRP: €177.99)

LEGO Minecraft offers

LEGO Ninjago offers

  • LEGO NINJAGO 71765 Ultra Combo Ninja Mech for 54.90 euros (45% discount)
    (recommended price: 99.99 euros, RRP: 59.84 euros)
  • LEGO NINJAGO 71754 Water Dragon for €44.99 (44% discount)
    (RRP: €79.99, RRP: €47.99)
  • LEGO NINJAGO 71775 Nya’s Samurai X-Mech for 72.90 euros (39% discount)
    (RRP: €119.99, RRP: €72.90)

LEGO Speed ​​Champions offer

LEGO Star Wars offer

LEGO Technic offers

If any of the Alternate Black Friday deals are already sold out when you call the store, or you want to get a better overview in general, we recommend our LEGO Black Friday 2022 page.

Here you will find an overview of the latest sale items, general information about the event, information about promotions and free gifts directly from LEGO, as well as direct links to the promotional pages of various retailers.

We keep our eyes open for good deals and let you know here on the blog, in our email newsletter, or (which is often the fastest way) via a Telegram push message.

Any alternative LEGO Black Friday sales? Which sets ended up in your shopping cart? Did we miss a good deal? Feel free to share ideas in the comments section.

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