Whistleblower accuses superiors of behaving “like a circus.”

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The partial mobilization in Russia was to compensate for losses in the war in Ukraine. But many reserves have already fallen: news ticker.

  • Fallen Reservists: In the east of the region, many recently mobilized soldiers are said to have died on the Russian side.
  • Losses in numbers: Kyiv announces Russian losses.
  • Editor’s note: Read the current developments of the Ukrainian conflict in our newsletter. The information about the Ukrainian war processed here comes partly from the warring parties in Russia and Ukraine. In part, therefore, they cannot be independently controlled.

+++ 19:06: Russian soldiers are increasingly turning to media critical of Russia to report on conditions on the front. It also comes up again and again how Russia should keep quiet about most of its dead. Now, for example, a platform founded by activists associated with the Kremlin-critical group Pussy Riot has published Mediazone report of a Russian soldier from the 155th Brigade. He says that around 450 to 500 soldiers from his unit have been killed in recent weeks around the small Ukrainian village of Pavlivka in the Donetsk region. About the same number were injured.

Part of the unit’s soldiers then asked their superiors to change their tactics, after which the command initially threatened legal action. The soldiers were then promised decorations to appease them. “Our commanders are acting like a circus,” the anonymous soldier accuses his superiors, reporting that although some of his comrades were withdrawn from Pavliwka, those who complained were asked to hold their positions.

Russian soldiers repeatedly accuse their superiors of misconduct in reports from the front. (symbol photo) © Konstantin Mihalchevskiy/imago-images.de

The whistleblower accuses his superiors of seeing more value in potential awards than in the lives of their soldiers. “Probably the only way to stay alive,” the soldier writes, is to desert.

Russian losses in the war in Ukraine: several reservists fell after partial mobilization

Update as of Friday, November 25, 2:45 p.m.: Losses in the war in Ukraine are causing big problems for Russia (see first report). A partial mobilization in September should remedy the situation. However, according to British intelligence estimates, a large number of conscripted reservists have already fallen. Among other things, a large number of mobilized reservists were killed in the Donetsk region, around the city of Bakhmut, according to a brief report by the British Ministry of Defence.

The same applies to soldiers who had to dig trench systems in the Luhansk region under heavy artillery fire. The Kremlin must be concerned that an increasing number of families of reservists are prepared to protest the conditions in which their relatives serve and to be arrested if necessary.

Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine are very high

First message from Friday 25 November: Moscow/Kyiv – So far, Russia has suffered heavy losses in the war in Ukraine. It is not clear how high the losses of the Russian army actually are. The Kremlin itself is largely silent. The latest official numbers were provided by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in September. “Russia’s losses reach 5,937,” he said at the time. However, the second wave of mobilization planned by Vladimir Putin suggests that the losses are significantly higher and can only be compensated by new recruits.

Also, the statements of a former officer of the Russian special forces and an active officer of the FSB of the Russian secret service, which the Russian investigative portal Stories published in October, to make it clear how many problems the Russian armed forces have to deal with in the war in Ukraine. According to them, the number of victims at that time was almost 90 thousand. This included fallen soldiers, but also missing and wounded soldiers who cannot return to military service.

A news portal close to the Kremlin announced this back in April Read book accidentally published data on Russian losses in the war in Ukraine. At that time, there were 13,414 fallen soldiers and around 7,000 missing. For comparison: In the ten-year war in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989, the then Soviet Union lost 14,523 dead. Later information spoke of 26,000 fallen soldiers.

Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine: Kyiv reports current losses

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian General Staff publishes the number of Russian casualties every day. According to Ukrainian Ministry of Defense statistics, more than 86,000 soldiers died in combat during the nine months of the Ukrainian war. The General Staff also provides additional data on aircraft, helicopters, tanks and other military equipment. A brief look at Russian losses:

soldiers: 86,150 (+430 the previous day)

aircraft: 278 (+0)

Helicopter: 261 (+0)

Armored Car: 2899 (+1)

Armored Fighting Vehicles: 5844 (+5)

artillery system: 1895 (+6)

Air defense systems: 209 (+0)

Multiple Rocket Launcher: 395 (+0)

Cars and other vehicles: 4404 (+4)

Ships: 16 (+0)

Unmanned combat drones: 1553 (+6)

(from Friday 25 November)

Information about Russian losses in the war in Ukraine comes from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. They cannot be independently verified. The Kremlin itself provides very little information about its own losses.


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