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After being substituted against Serbia, Neymar (30) sat on the bench and cried.

It hit him again, he suffered an ankle injury in the opening match against Serbia (2:0). With a large swelling on his right leg, Neymar limped to the dressing room while his colleagues made a success of it Celebrating the opening of the World Cup with fans.

Currently, the number one concern for Brazilian soccer fans is: Neymar’s right ankle


Another drama threatens the superstar and Brazil!

Neymar traveled to Qatar to lead the Selecao to the World Cup at the third attempt. Only then will he be equal to legends like Romario (56) or Ronaldo (46), who made Brazil world champions in 1994 and 2002. But now the end of the tournament is in danger for him. Like in 2014 at the home World Cup, when he injured his back in the quarter-final against Colombia (2:1) and missed the semi-final against Germany (1:7).

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Four years later, three months before the World Cup, a broken leg set him back and he did not travel to the tournament in Russia in top form. He was unable to establish himself there, Brazil was eliminated in the quarter-finals against eventual third-placed Belgium at the World Cup (1:2).

Neymar buried his face under his jersey

Neymar buried his face under his jersey

Photo: ZDF

When the Selecao won the 2019 South American Championship for the first time since 2007 and their last major title, Neymer was absent due to an ankle injury sustained a few days before the tournament. Two years later, at a domestic tournament, he could not prevent Lionel Messi (35) from winning the Copa America with Argentina in the final against Brazil (1:0) at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Neymar was injured in the match against Serbia in the 67th minute and left the field only in the 80th minute. National team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar explains how the PSG star should now get back into shape. “We started treatment on the bench during the match. The ankle was cooled to keep the swelling from increasing.’

How does the treatment work? Physiotherapists are tending to Neymar’s ankle around the clock at The Westin, the team’s quarters in Doha. It is continuously cooled to reduce the swelling. X-rays should also provide information about the severity of the injury. Neymar is also being given anti-inflammatory medication to ease the pain.

Captain Thiago Silva (38) understands Neymar’s tears: “He had to suffer so many setbacks in or before important tournaments. All of that must have gone through his mind.”

Neymar wrote on Instagram that evening: “Tough game but it was important to win. Congratulations to the team. The first step is taken. Six more to go.” Then the record world champion would have his sixth star. The only question is: with or without the superstar on the pitch…


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