World Cup 2022 in Qatar: Oliver Bierhoff unpacks the atmosphere in the national team Sports

Very interesting observations from DFB manager Oliver Bierhoff (54)!

After this The horror start of the World Cup with the bankruptcy of the national team against Japan (1:2) was spoken by Bierhoff v ARD about the current mood in the team of national coach Hansi Flick (57).

Bierhoff unpacks, “This myth that there has to be eleven friends, the times are over anyway and they didn’t exist before. But some friction and conflict is always good.”

What does he mean?

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Ask about possible Small groups in the team, Bierhoff exasperatedly answers ARD reporter Lee Wagner: “Each team has its own identity. In essence, although it cracks: We have had very successful national teams.

And further: “Sometimes they didn’t even talk to each other when you look back. In the 1970s, it was a block of Bayern against a block of Cologne or one against a block of Gladbach.

However, some players’ public criticism of their teammates is particularly concerning: Ilkay Gundogan (32) immediately settled into a live TV broadcast with some teammates after the bankruptcy. He said: “You get the feeling that not everyone really wants the ball.

Bierhoff replies: “You want personalities, we have to deal with things. There was a stronger tension between younger and older players in this team compared to the 2018 team. It’s a very homogenous group, everyone has one goal. This is the most important thing: that in the end, even if we are many different personalities and have different ideas, we all submit to one goal: to play a successful World Cup. And there is no buzz in the team either.

Oliver Bierhoff in an interview for ARD with Lea Wagner

Photo: ARD

In the interview, the European champion from 1996 gives an insight into how the team spent the evening after the bitter defeat against Japan.

Bierhoff: “Of course, you felt that in the evening yourself: everyone wanted to be a little alone for themselves. A lot of people went to bed early, no one felt like discussing the game anymore.”

And further: “But the analyzes and discussions began the next morning. Hansi Flick did the first analysis with the team yesterday and also clearly put his finger on the wound, which just didn’t go well at certain points. And otherwise, there are lots of one-on-one conversations. That’s the beauty of the neighborhood. You run into each other, you don’t have to give orders to the players here, you just need to discuss the situation with the players from time to time.”

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Still, the frustration in the DFB team ran deep. In an interview with ARD, Bierhoff mainly criticized the inconsistency of delivering a strong performance over 90 minutes.

“After the game, and everyone felt it, we were really, really upset. My stomach was rumbling because you saw how many chances we had, because we were in control of the game and you actually missed a big chance. Now you know: we have the first final against Spain, I always talk about it. We have to win it. But we can win that too. We are also in a good mood to knock everything out there,” says Bierhoff.

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