World Cup 2022: Wales – Iran 0-2, brutal red and Iranian madness! Winning goals just before the final whistle | Sports

Two goals in regulation time!

Pure drama in the match between Iran and Wales (2:0). The mighty Iranians battle with the pale Welsh for superstar Bale. It ends dramatically.

▶ 90. + 9 minutes: With the score 0-0, Cheshmi drops the ball at his feet and shoots from 20 meters. IN! Lucky strike.

▶ 90 + 11 minutes: Iran again! Rezaeian scores to make it 2-0 – pure madness!

They are really unlucky before that.

▶ 51st minute: Iran trouble spot and Leverkusen professional Azmoun hammers the game machine from a sharp angle on the post – Peng. Immediately Gholizadeh sniffs the ball against the post again – bang again.

double post! And then Rambo red…

▶ 85th minute: Iran countered with a long ball, Taremi got the ball in front of Hennessey but the Wales keeper cleared it wide. Referee Escobar shows red after VAR review! First expulsion of this World Cup.

And then comes the time to stop – Iran’s madness!

The final day of play sees Iran play USA, Wales play England.

All Iran internationals “sing” the national anthem before the World Cup match against Wales (0-0). This was not the case at the start against England (bankruptcy 2:6).

What happened?

Ronaldo stunned! Because his teammate does just before the end…

Iran’s footballers were silent during their national anthem before the match against England. None of the eleven Islamic Republic players standing on the pitch sang, instead looking serious. Crying women in headscarves could be seen in the stands. A loud silence, a quiet statement.

This time – 93 hours later – everyone sings!

But “singing” is probably the wrong description, “mumbling” is more accurate. All eleven actors moved their lips relatively still and without much passion in Al-Rajjan on Friday. Meanwhile, a fan in the audience with an Iranian flag was seen crying bitterly.

An Iranian fan cries during the national anthem

Photo: ARD

In recent days, there have been reports of the threat of drastic sanctions and increased pressure on professionals from the government.

Protests have been taking place across the country for weeks and have repeatedly been violently suppressed. The trigger was the death of 22-year-old Iranian Kurd Mahs Amini in police custody in mid-September. Amini has previously been arrested for violating Islamic dress codes.

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