World Cup 2022: ZDF reporter Bela Réthy is not allowed to retire yet – TV critic! | Sports

Dear ZDF director Dr. Norbert Himmler, don’t be a statutory official like the doggedly minded senior DFB team!

Coupled with great opacity, Germany’s top referee Manuel Graefe was stripped of his whistle at the age of 47 for antiquated rule-keeping. Prevent similar stupidity at your station.

Send the most beautiful football voice in the republic, after that send the tiki-taka poet Béla Réthy Wm not yet in mandatory retirement! At least let him continue, chosen one top games Leave a comment…

AND A program that still soothes its target audience with programs like “Traumschiff”, “Fernsehgarten” or “Wetten, dass..?” should have no problem extending the working hours for Us Béla! Réthy turns 66 four days before the Qatar final and has reportedly embraced the idea of ​​retirement. But let’s be honest: At this age, King Otto Rehhagel (83) led Greece to a sensational European Championship in 2004…

In the desert, he is currently proving that Béla’s poetry is still as effective as it was 35 years ago, when Réthy began to perform live. During Brazil’s 2-0 dream goal against Serbia, he escalated into beauty: “This is Brazil. That’s art. This is Samba. this is a party World Class Goal by Richarlison. Even the Brazilians, who are used to a lot, are taken aback…”

“Very good information…” Significant changes to the starting eleven are on the horizon!

You must know: Born in Vienna (his parents are from Hungary) and raised in Sao Paulo until the age of eleven, Réthy has a heart for sugar lumps and caipirinhas. Réthy speaks six languages. Seventh, if we add football language to it…

Of course, Béla – who, among other things, commented on Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil – has often shuffled players or slept through situations in recent months, sometimes even questioning his condition on TV. But if we football lovers are honest: No one entertains us with more grace, no one is as unimportant to himself as the verbal playwright Rétha. The next generation at the microphone? Unfortunately, too often selfie actors and barkers.

It is heard from the team… New suspicions about Flick’s changes errors!

Réthy: “It will be played for seven minutes. Why? Well, once Neymar lay down for a long time. But he’s doing it in three world championships!” Qatar’s extra-time orgies couldn’t be summed up any more heavenly.

Réthy was always biting and critical and rarely lost her tone. Perhaps in Colombia’s 1998 World Cup match: “That one over there that looks like a toilet brush is Carlos Valderrama.” Today, Béla recently admitted: “I wouldn’t do it like that anymore.”

If Germany take a premature bite on the air-conditioned grass of Doha against Spain on Sunday, the ratings will drop further. My advice: get Bela’s poetry in your lungs again this World Cup! #Réthymuststay. There will be no more opportunities. Suing another person for age discrimination, as Gräfe sued the DFB, won’t happen to Béla: “I had too much fun at ZDF for that…”

Who can take over Rétha’s legacy at ZDF? My number 1 favorite: quick copywriter Sandro Wagner (34)! The former Bayern striker has repeatedly shown that he can act as a live commentator alongside Haching. Wagner can still work on the timbre of whiskey Béla…

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